Wearing and tearing components, spare parts


The UV lamp must be replaced once a year while the quartz will be replaced every 5 years. UV lamps are available in powers of 25 & 95 W according to the type of sterilizer, respectively UV 2100 and UV 10.000.

Spare parts

Cintropur UV filters are synonymous with quality and durability... If necessary, however, the electrical components and major parts of the UV sterilizer will be available.

Cintropur UV – Wearing and tearing components:


UV lamp for models UV 2000 + TIO-UV
      UV lamps for models UV 2100 + DUO-UV + TRIO-UV
      Quartz for all the UV sterilizer models (length and diameter will vary according to type of UV sterilizer)


UV lamp lifespan indicator (supplied as standard with every UV 2100 type lamp)       Wall mount (supplied as standard with each type of UV sterilizer)       Quartz (2100 /DUO/TRIO)